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Kristin and Scooter...
      Hi, my name is Kristin Swanstrom.

      I am 12 years old and I'm now ruler of the school in sixth-grade at Riverside Elementary. I'm having a great time at school, and I liked my teacher and classmates a lot.

      I really like animals a lot too. We have Scooter the dog, a parakeet, two cats and a blue Chinese fighting fish. I got Scooter for Christmas in 1997. I sent Santa an e-mail and told him how much I really wanted a puppy, and that night I woke up with Scooter right there on my pillow! My favorite cat is Molly. She sleeps with me every night. But, my most favorite animals of all are horses! I really like to ride them. When I grow up, I want to be a Marine Biologist.

      My favorite sports are swimming, skiing, kick ball and soccer!..... Soccer Ball... 8.9k     I am currently playing soccer with Blaze!

      Here is another fun site to visit...www.4Kids.org.

      Here are some pictures of me doing things I like:

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