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Kevin... 60k
      Hi, my name is Kevin Swanstrom.

      I am 10 1/2 years old now and I am in fifth grade at Riverside Elementary. I really like school and my new teacher and classmates, and I am having a wonderful time.

      I like to draw, read mystery stories and watch TV. My favorite television network is Comedy Central. I really want to be an actor like Jim Carey or Vincent Price and do all sorts of movies when I get older. I have been practicing my drawing since I got to take some drawing classes with my grandfather. I can now draw some pretty interesting characters! I have been taking Kenpo Karate since 1998 and I now have my Blue belt!

      We have several pets: our dog Scooter, my parakeet and two cats. Here is one of my favorite cats, named Frisky. I have a new cat now named Maddie.

      Here are some pictures of me doing other things I like:

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