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Barb... 75.7k
      Hi, my name is Barb Swanstrom.

      And actually, I think this whole internet home page-thing is incredibly pretentious, and I really don't think I like having my own home page that just anyone can get in to and prowl around in and ferret out all my deepest darkest innermost secrets and then sell them to the Commies or blackmail me or do who knows what other terrible horrible things to me from their computer. G A S P ! ! !

      But, I do like diving, foreign travel, and running. I'm currently training for the Portland Marathon on Sept. 30th, my first marathon. (Navy SEAL, my derriere. I can run his butt into the ground, now!)

      We took a trip with the kids in March '96 to Grand Cayman Island. Here are some pictures of me SCUBA diving with Sting Rays, and holding a green sea turtle.

      Here are a few other favorite pictures:

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