Automatic BB Gun     The Automatic BB Gun
uses compressed air to shoot BB's at a rate of over 300 per minute.
Exploding Pellets     Exploding 22 Cal. Air Pistol Pellets.
These can be made by epoxying a large pistol primer onto the front of a standard .22 Cal. air pellet. They will explode loudly on impact.
Laser Air Pistol     Laser-Sighted Pellet Pistol.
This is a Crossman .22 Cal. Air Pellet Pistol with a laser sight added.
Laser Glock     Laser-Sighted Glock 9mm.
Glock Model 17 9mm pistol with a custom-modified TacStar T2000 laser sight incorporated into the frame and handgrip of the gun.
Idaho Spud Cannon
    The 150 Cal. Idaho Spud Cannon is an internal-combustion potato gun, which uses hairspray as a fuel to launch a potato over 150 yards.
Afghani Tali-Whacker     The 1-1/2" Afghani Tali-Whacker is a pneumatic air cannon, complete with laser sight. Using just compressed air, it is capable of launching a potato over 350 yards.
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