- Laser-Sighted 9mm Glock 17 -

glock01... 89k       This is a Glock Model 17 9mm pistol which I modified by adding a custom laser sight. To make the sight, I disassembled a TacStar T2000 635nm laser sight, removed the laser LED and focusing lens module, and mounted the module in a small aluminum block attached to the front of the pistol frame. The aluminum block is approximately 1" long by 1/2" wide by 9/16" high. I machined and anodized the block, and mounted it with 4 small screws from inside the frame.

      I then made a battery holder (shown to the right of the pistol) from a small piece of polyethylene plastic. The holder has a miniature 2-pin female electrical connector attached to the upper end, a miniature slide switch attached to the bottom end, and it holds the 3 standard watch or hearing aid batteries originally specified for the laser. The holder is machined to fit entirely up inside the back portion of the Glock's handgrip just behind the magazine well. A small screw through the lanyard hole in the back of the handgrip secures the battery holder inside the gun.

glock02... 57k

      To connect the laser sight to the battery holder, I had to run two fine wires inside the Glock's frame. Portions of the wires can be seen here, running from the front of the frame, along inside the right side of the frame, and back to the male half of the 2-pin electrical connector mounted inside the frame below the hammer assembly. The wires are extremely fine, about 0.010" dia. I ran them inside a small groove which I scribed into the frame, and secured them with cyanoacrylate adhesive.

glock03... 70k      Here is the Glock with the laser on. The laser beam can not normally be seen from the side, except in smoke or fog, but the illuminated spot can be seen by the shooter at night up to 800 yards away.

Last Updated: July 4, 1997
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