This is the production prototype for a 24"w x 17"h x 17"d anodized aluminum sundial that I would like to manufacture and sell this year. It indicates clock time to the minute, the date to the day, and even adjusts for Daylight Saving Time!

      The sundial is a Universal Analemmic-Equatorial design. It is universal because it will work at any location on the Earth. It is an equatorial sundial because time is indicated where the shadow falls on a dial ring which lays parallel to the earth's equator (the time line seen inside the horizontal arms here). The shadow-casting device, an analemmic gnomon plate, rather than being a straight edge or rod, is actually a swivel plate with a "figure-8" pattern cut out of the middle. This figure-8 cutout describes the apparent motion of the sun "about" the Earth throughout the year, and casts the time- and date-telling shadow on the timeline below.

      The months and days of the year are laser-etched around the perimeter of the figure-8 cutout. By running your finger above the inside edge of the cutout you can determine the exact date... when the edge of the shadow from your finger falls on the time line on the equatorial dial below, then the edge of your finger is directly over the current date on the gnomon.

      I would like to manufacture and begin selling these aluminum sundials this year, but need to collect a little marketing feedback before I commit. Key points are:

  • Size: 24” across x approx. 17” high x 17” deep.
  • Material: Aluminum, anodized FAO Gold. Working on other colors.
  • Shows the apparent motion of the sun “about” the Earth, throughout the day and the year.
  • Precisely machined, laser-cut and etched.
  • Highly accurate, it can show clock time to within seconds and the date to the day.
  • The gnomon’s analemma is designed for optimum accuracy this century, around 2050 AD.
  • Will have three different gnomon plates printed, for maximum local date accuracy in N. America, Europe and (with inverted print for) Australia.
  • Quickly adjusts for Daylight Saving time.
  • Current base design seen here is suitable for latitudes 25° north and above or 25° south and below. A slightly different base design accommodates the tropic and equatorial latitudes.
  • Ordered online, will next-day custom-machine base for customer’s latitude and ship.
  • Instructions and tools provided for easy installation and accurate alignment.
  •       If you would like to provide any marketing feedback at all please email me at the address below. I promise to delete your email address after unless you specifically request to know when the sundials and sales website become available. Thank you.

    Tempus captum!

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