T-62T-32 Turbine Pictures

This page is dedicated to Joe Bedo.

      I feel very fortunate to have had my turbine rebuilt by the legendary Joe Bedo, the recognized world expert on rebuilding the T-62T-32 turbine engine for the JetExec helicopter. He took the entire engine, gear case, fuel system, everything apart for cleaning and inspection. He replaced the bearings, seals and filters and any faulty components. He used a high speed spin balancer to precisely re-balance the turbine rotor assembly. He reassembled everything, put it on a test platform, added the electronic governor control, ran the engine and adjusted the governor and fuel control settings for the proper RPM for the JetExec. Joe meticulously restored many of these turbines to better-than-new condition, ready to run for thousands of hours more.

      Joe was more than an excellent technician and mechanic though, he was a wonderful guy too. He had a wealth of experience, which he generously shared with those of us learning how to maintain and operate this turbine in the JetExec. I felt extremely lucky to attend the training seminar he put on for 19 of us at his shop and home near Galliano, Louisiana in November, 2003.

      I received my finished engine from Joe on Friday, 5/20/2005... unfortunately, one of the last he rebuilt. Joe died the following day when his KR-2 kit plane crashed shortly after takeoff. Joe Bedo will be fondly remembered and greatly missed by many. I know that his name and his work will live on.

      This is the finished engine after it was rebuilt by Joe. He repainted the gear box and other components (black) and had the turbine housing and burner can ceramic-coated (silver). Also shown at the bottom of the photo are the electronic governor control (white box) and the ring clamp which is used later to fasten the final exhaust nozzle to the engine.

      (Note: You can click on these pictures to view in higher resolution.)

      In this photo, the turbine is on a heavy pyramid-shaped support mount from the old generator set, which will not be used in the helicopter. The fuel control section and starter motor are in the upper left. Aluminum foil tape is wrapped around the left end of the air inlet section (photo center) to keep debris out of the compressor.
      On the left is the original 24 VDC military surplus starter motor. This big, heavy starter will be replaced by a much smaller, lighter 12 VDC model provided with the KISS conversion kit. In the center of the picture is the fuel control servo motor, connected by a mechanical linkage to the fuel control valves on the right.
      Here is the "business end" of the turbine, looking at the turbine rotor centered inside the exhaust nozzle. The fuel lines can be seen coming in from the 10:00 o'clock position, routed to 6 fuel injector nozzles located around the burner can. Center top on the exhaust is the Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) thermocouple.
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