Cabin Air System

      The cabin air system so far is very simple. It only consists of an outside air filter and fan mounted on the bottom tub, connected to the windscreen air plenumn. I don't have any source installed yet for cabin heat, and no vent controls other than the fan motor switch.
      I cut a 5" x 6.5" hole in the bottom tub for the outside air inlet and cabin air fan, in the area just forward of the passenger seat behind the cyclic.
      The hole is reinforced with an aluminum frame epoxied and fiberglassed to the tub.
      The frame is sized for a small Fram CA3916 ExtraGuard pleated air filter, which is formed with a soft gasket and an expanded aluminum screen on the bottom side.
      The air filter fits down inside the aluminum frame and seals against the inside of the tub.
      The cabin air fan is a 12V 4.4A 105 cfm Jabsco Blower #35115-0020, with a 2" SCAT duct flange glued to the 3" flange on the fan. The fan is glued to a light aluminum box that sits above the air filter.
      A spring tab on each side of the aluminum frame clamps the fan box down tight against the filter gasket. If I ever figure out a cabin heat source, perhaps I'll connect it and mix the hot/cool air in the filter box here.
(Picture available soon.)       A 4' length of 2" SCAT hose connects the fan to the front windscreen air plenum.
Last Updated: March 29, 2014
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